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Making the most out of your ‘work from home’ space – with Suzy Webster

01 Mar 2024 | Blogs

With working from home now the new normal for many people, it’s essential to create the best working environment to help you stay focused and engaged.

Here at Stonebridge Homes, our 4-bed/5-bed properties tend to come with an office space as standard, with a couple of our larger properties even coming with a space above the garage, which is perfect to utilise as a home office.

However, not everyone has a dedicated office space in their home, so we spoke to Suzy Webster, Interior Designer at SW Design Group, to share her top tips on making the most out of your home working space.

Be strategic with storage 

When you’re working from home, it can be hard to keep all of your files, books and notes stored away, and the last thing you want is work scattered everywhere around the house. There are plenty of strategic storage solutions to keep your working from home space organised.

A desk with drawers would be ideal, as you can pack everything away at the end of the day and relax. However, if you don’t have a desk with drawers, there’s an array of other solutions, you just have to be creative. Not everybody has a dedicated home study space, so if you work from your kitchen for example, a good idea would be to dedicate a kitchen cupboard or a part of your pantry to your work. Similarly, if you work from your bedroom, you could commit a section of your wardrobe to your books and papers. You could even purchase storage boxes and use the understairs space to store them. Wherever you choose to store your work, it is important to put things away at the end of the day, so you can switch off and forget about work for the evening.

Keep a tidy work space  

As well as storing away your work, you also need to make sure the rest of your working equipment is organised and functions well. If you have a lot of wires floating around, then you can easily head over to Amazon and order a cable tidy or cable management box, to make sure they’re all tucked away and not causing you any unnecessary stress. Throughout the day, keep on top of your workspace, and ensure it stays tidy. It can be easy to let things like mugs, cups and plates pile up over the course of a day when you’re at home, but you know what they say; ‘a tidy desk is a tidy mind’.

Good lighting is key

One of the most important factors to bear in mind when working from home is the lighting in your workspace. Natural light is ideal, as it will make you feel more energised and productive. Sitting by a window would be the optimal situation, but if this isn’t possible, ensure you keep the curtains and blinds open to let as much natural light in as you can. If you’re working in a smaller space without good natural light, then make sure you have an array of lamps to make it as bright as possible.

Don’t underestimate comfort

Whether you work from home permanently or once or twice a week, a comfortable chair is a must. A large percentage of the UK population have back problems, so you need to do all you can to avoid this. You’re actually more likely to end up with back problems if you work from home, because your home office is not set up subject to the same occupational health checks you’ll find in an office. There isn’t a one size fits all however, as everybody’s posture is completely different, so it’s best to head out to a range of shops and try out a few office chairs, to ensure you find the best fit for you.

Think smart and get creative

 If you don’t have a dedicated office space, then it’s time to get creative! You just need to utilise a space that you can close off at the end of a long, hard day. One way to do this would be to add doors to an alcove in your home. This would be perfect as you’re not losing any space, and you’d be creating a hidden home office.

Sometimes, your home office doesn’t even need to be inside the main home. Many people who work from home full time are now starting to convert their garages into their work from home space. This is a relatively inexpensive thing to do; you’d simply need to add insulation and pop in a window or door and it would become the perfect home office (remember to check with your local planning/building control office for any approvals you may need). Alternatively, if you have a large garden space, there’s nothing stopping you from buying a log cabin (essentially a posh garden shed) and kitting it out with shelving and a desk etc. This would be a fantastic solution if you’re easily distracted within the home, as you can step away and focus on work.

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