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How a New Build Home Could Save You over £2K on Energy Bills

17 May 2023 | Blogs

With energy prices and household utility bills still putting a strain on many UK households, the importance of having an energy efficient home has never been greater.

And, according to a report by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), owning a new build home could actually save you on average £2,200 per year on energy bills.

Find out more about the HBF report below, and learn how owning a Stonebridge Home over an older house can have a positive impact on your bills.

What is the HBF?

The HBF is a representative body of the home building industry in England and Wales. Its members deliver around 80% of new homes built each year. The HBF represents member interests on a national and regional level, addressing technical issues (e.g. regulations and standards), planning issues, and health and safety, among other areas.

What is the report?

The report, named ‘Watt a Save!’, looks at the financial benefits and carbon efficiency of new homes. It focuses on comparing energy performance certificates, energy use, bills and carbon emissions in new builds and existing homes, and also highlights some fantastic case studies that bring the benefits of a new building to life.

What does the report find?

The report found that a new build home could save you an average of £2,200 per year on energy bills compared to a second-hand house, a saving of around £220 per month.

To give you an idea of savings, the HBF recorded that up to December 2022, the average new build property cost £1,422.99 in energy bills compared to an average older property at £3,515.48 per year, a whopping 60% less.

As well as financial benefits, the report also looks into carbon emissions, and found that new build homes are constructed to emit significantly less carbon dioxide each year too. For homes registered with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in the year to December 2022, the average new build emitted 1.4 tonnes of carbon over the year, whilst the average existing dwelling emitted 3.6 tonnes. Last year’s new build home purchasers are reducing carbon emissions by an average of 2.8 tonnes a year per home, with a total saving of over 500,000 tonnes compared to if they had bought an equivalent older property.

So why are new builds so efficient?

According to the report, new build homes are consistently rated with much higher EPCs than existing dwellings. For homes logged in the year to December 2022, 85% of new builds were rated A or B for energy efficiency, whereas under 4% of existing dwellings reached the same standards. In contrast, 51% of existing dwellings were rated D or lower, as compared to less than 4% of new builds.

Here at Stonebridge Homes, our houses are built with energy efficiency in mind, and we have a range of features that come as standard to help save you money on your bills. Some of these include; HIVE heating systems, electric vehicle charging points, double glazed windows, energy efficient lighting, dual flush toilets, high specification doors, enhanced insulation, water efficient fittings and appliances, cost-effective boiler systems and so much more. In comparison, older properties tend to be more expensive to run, due to outdated plumbing systems, single glazed windows, old wiring, loose roof tiles and poor insulation, all of which results in a higher energy consumption and higher running costs.

What other ways can you reduce energy around the home?

Whether you’re in a new build or an older home, there are many ways you can try and save money during these tougher times. Some of our top tips include turning appliances off standby mode, using heating systems such as HIVE, draught proofing your home, washing clothes on 30 degrees and more. Read our full blog post on saving money on your energy bills here.

Fancy buying a new home?

Has the idea of lower energy bills convinced you to buy a new build?  With an array of house types across Yorkshire and more recently the North-East of England, a Stonebridge home could be waiting for you. Check out our developments on our website, or get in touch with one of our friendly sales advisors on or 0113 357 1100, and we can help find a perfect home for you.

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