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Spruce Up Your Home for Spring 

03 Apr 2023 | Blogs

Spring is the perfect time to give your home a fresh and vibrant new look. With the weather warming up and flowers blooming, it’s time to bid farewell to the winter blues and welcome the colourful, cheerful season of spring. Here are some top tips to spruce up your home decor for springtime.


  1. Add pops of colour: Spring is all about bright colours, and there are many ways to add these to your home without spending a small fortune. Add some colourful throw pillows, curtains, or a rug to your living space to instantly brighten up your home. You can also add some artwork or a vase of fresh flowers to bring in some natural colour. If you’re thinking about a more permanent change, then a coloured feature wall in Spring colours, such as pastels, would also look great.


  1. Swap out heavy fabrics: Winter is all about heavy fabrics like wool and velvet. In spring, it’s time to lighten things up with fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk. Swap out your heavy winter blankets and throws for lightweight cotton throws and switch out your winter curtains for breezy sheer ones.


  1. Bring plants indoors: Spring is a time for new growth and fresh beginnings. Bring in some natural elements like fresh flowers, potted plants or even a small herb garden to your home. Some popular flowers that are generally associated with Spring are daffodils, primrose, tulips and forget-me-nots.


  1. Create a cosy outdoor space: As the days become warmer and the evenings become longer, Spring marks the start of enjoying more time outside. Create a cosy outdoor space with some comfortable furniture, festoon lights and some colourful throw pillows. You can also add some potted plants, an outdoor rug and a small water feature to make your outdoor space feel like a relaxing oasis this Spring.


  1. Change your candles over: It may seem like a simple change, but it is something that is often forgotten about when it comes to sprucing up your home for Spring. If you’re someone who likes a winter candle, with scents such as gingerbread or pumpkin, then it’s time to swap them for some spring scents, such as lavender, clean cotton, wild orchid or cherry blossom. This will make the home feel fresh and clean this Spring.


By following these top tips, you can easily spruce up your home decor for springtime. With a little creativity and a few small changes, you can create a fresh and vibrant space that perfectly reflects the spirit of the season.


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