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National Houseplant Week – Our Top 5 House Plants

09 Jan 2023 | Blogs


Houseplant Week is celebrated every year in the second week of January, so in its honour, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite houseplants. Whether you’re looking for a plant to improve your health or just to look nice, we’ve got some great options.


  1. Spider Plant


Spider Plants are a great plant to keep in your home, as they don’t need too much TLC to thrive. They only need watering when the top two inches of soil feel dry, so a light drink every week or so should be enough to keep it alive. And, what makes these plants even better, is that the fast-growing shoots produce little ‘baby spider plants’ that you can re-pot, so you can end up with multiple spider plants throughout the home (or you can gift them to friends or family!) This plant thrives best in partial, indirect sunlight.


  1. ZZ plant


Another easy-to-grow plant is the Zamioculas Zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ plant. It is very low maintenance and perfect for low-light spaces. If you;ve got a very busy lifestyle, then this is the plant for you, as the ZZ plant flourishes when you don’t water it for weeks, sometimes even months! The basic rule for the ZZ plant is to water it more in the brighter summer months. As ZZ plants tend to grow quite tall, sometimes up to four-foot, they look beautiful in a larger scale room in a dark corner.


  1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera (also known as Aloe Barbadensis), is an extremely popular houseplant, and it’s easy to see why. The plant needs watering deeply but not very often, about every 2-3 weeks in the spring and summer and even less in the autumn and winter. A sunny spot is the perfect place to house an Aloe, so a windowsill or bright room is ideal. And this plant isn’t just for show either, it’s actually also known as the ‘first aid’ plant, as its sap can be used to soothe burns, scalds, skin irritations, sunburn and even insect bites! 


  1. Swiss Cheese Plant


Despite its name, this plant doesn’t produce slices of Swiss Cheese (unfortunately!) Its real name is Monstera Deliciosa, but it got its more common name because of its huge holey leaves, resembling Swiss Cheese. This plant originated in the tropics of South America, and loves bright, indirect sunlight. Although they make the ideal feature plant for any room, a spot a few meters from a window with lots of light is ideal. It’ll need watering about once a week, and you should also mist the leaves occasionally to stop them getting dusty.


  1. Chinese Money Plant


The Chinese Money Plant’s official name is Pilea Peperomioides, but it has also collected a range of additional names over the years too, such as UFO plant and Pancake Plant. However, despite its many nicknames, the main one of ‘Chinese Money Plant’ comes all the way from Southwest China. The plant was originally believed to bring good luck, money and fortune to its owner, because of the circular leaves which resemble coins. This plant loves soaking up indirect sunshine, just be careful not to let it bask in direct sunlight, and it’ll need watering weekly.



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