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National Gardening Week – Planting a New Garden

04 May 2023 | Blogs

Spring is a great time to start getting your garden ready as the frosty months are behind us, and the soil is warming up.

There are many things to consider when planting a new garden. So, to celebrate National Gardening Week (1st – 7th May), we’ve listed our top 8 considerations below.

  1. Raised beds, in-ground and vertical gardening – Whatever you choose, they all have their merits. Raised beds require less bending but are more costly and time consuming to introduce. Raised beds also require more watering than standard ground beds, but they will have less weeds. Vertical gardening uses walls, fences, and trellis and are a good choice for smaller gardens, adding colour and texture to the boundaries of your outdoor space. Succulents, flowering vines, and fruit trees and are a good option for this form of gardening.
  2. Pair companion plants – Put plants that are alike together, such as those that like sunlight, and those that require frequent watering.
  3. Healthy soil is the key to success – Check your soil for nutrients, PH values and soil type (texture and composition). Adding compost is always a good option to keep soil healthy.
  4. Select the right plants – Annuals, perennials, herbaceous, trees and shrubs, vegetables, fruit, and herbs. There are so many options – choose what makes you happy and what you have time to maintain, and you won’t go far wrong.
  5. Size of plants – Remember that the size of your plants now probably isn’t what they will be in 2-5 years’ time. As a general rule, low plants should be at the forefront of your planting, medium ones in the middle and taller plants at the back.
  6. Consider the overall shape of your planting and the texture too – Rough/smooth, tall/short, leafy/not leafy; think about what look and feel you want to achieve in your garden.
  7. Colour – Implement the colours that you like. Warm colours like red, orange, yellow and pink create excitement whereas cooler colours like blue, green, and purple are considered calmer, relaxing hues.
  8. Weeds – Weeds are the bane of every gardener’s life. Use bark and/or membrane to keep weeds at bay.
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